Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 2

The morning started out interesting when Patrick, Edward and Stephen walked down to breakfast... wearing kilts. Apparently they each bought kilts yesterday and decided today was the day to wear them. Lets just say I was impressed that they wore them the entire day. We left from Oban on a ferry, then boarded a bus to the Isle of Mull. From Mull we took another ferry to Iona. The first thing we did was visit the nunnery on the island. Then we walked to Iona Abbey and toured the abbey and then we walked through a small graveyard next to it. I thought the abbey was really beautiful and I really liked visiting there. It was all very peaceful and serene. We also journaled there after we stopped by the Iona shop.

After lunch, we went on a long walk to Columba bay where we hung out for a while and explored the area. The walk and the bay were both extremely beautiful and the free time we got gave us a good chance to get to know one another better and by the end of the afternoon we were all much closer. In total we walked about six miles, yay! Then we ate dinner and during dinner we met a true Scotsman who gave us a brief history of the kilt and a traditional outfit. After dinner, the girls made our way to the Hostel where we will be spending the night. On our way we ran into the nicest British women and her dog, Louie. She told us she had travelled for the past 2 months to Iona through public transportation and camping. A few girls gave her gifts before we eventually made our way to the Hostel. This experience opened our eyes to different people and what they've experienced on their own pilgrimages. This made us late for the night time service at the Abbey, but it was worth it. Afterwards we went down to the beach and stuck our feet in the water. It was downright freezing and after only a few seconds most of us got out, but you felt the effects of the cold for many minutes afterwards.  Overall, today was an AWESOMELY AMAZING day!!!

-AnnaB and Sara

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