Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 3

Hello All!

Today was mainly a travel day as we journeyed from Iona to Stornaway on the Isle of Lewis.  Taking four bus rides and three ferries while simultaneously battling traffic and engine problems, the day was exhausting.  Beginning on Iona, we retraced our steps from yesterday back to the town of Oban, involving two ferries and one long bus ride.  From there, we took our coach bus across the Isle of Skye through the Scottish Highlands toward Portree.  Along the way we stopped at Fort William where we exchanged money, saw a memorial for the Scottish elite forces called the Commandos and a statue commemorating the McDonald clan's massacre of seven men who were accused of killing the chief's son, and even had the pleasure of listening to a bagpiper in full Scottish regalia.  At Portree, we visited the site of the Highland's Games where we started our meditation only to be interrupted by a traditional Scottish downpour.  Not to be deterred by the weather, the group found a local ice cream parlor in town where we enjoyed decadent refreshments and desserts.  From Portree, we travelled to the last ferry port, yet the ferry fairies were not happy and our ferry was delayed because of engine problems.  Aboard the ferry, the group enjoyed a fabulous dinner and scenic views followed by intense matches of ERS (Egyptian Rat Slap) and Go-Fish, especially the Go-Fish.  Finally, arriving in Tarbert, we embarked on another hour long bus ride to arrive in Stornaway just after 10:30.

Throughout the day, the group really bonded despite the long and tiring boredom of traveling.  Everyone was engaged in card games during the trip and even when the rain started to come down, no one ever complained.  No matter how corny it sounds, the magic of the Scottish landscape truly in enchanting.  The land, though rugged and bare, still remains beautiful.  On a personal note, it makes me really appreciate what God has accomplished through such a seemingly impossible combination.  The trip so far has been great and no hazards will slow us down.

Joshua Rogers and Michael Maxey

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