Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10

We all awoke this morning to the excitement of playing mini-golf right outside our hotel windows. After breakfast the group said farewell to our last chance to play golf in Scotland, and we began our journey to Aberdeen, the capital of the Scottish Highlands. The first stop we had on our way to Aberdeen was inside the ruins of the Elgin Cathedral. You could view the entire cathedral's grounds from the top of one of the towers still remaining, measuring at over one hundred forty one stairs. Afterward, we all gathered into the Chapter House where we had communion.

During the communion service, Edward read a reading from Genesis regarding the story of Adam and Eve. This passage reveals Eve being tricked by the serpent causing her and Adam to eat the fruit from the tree. Because of this, God "condemns man to a life of toil and women to painful childbirth." After the reading, John presented a sermon before us. John's sermon addressed the fact that life is hard, plain and simple. The fact and the matter is that there is no right or wrong way to experience the gift of life. Its ups and downs are what make the entire experience so much more memorable and enjoyable.

After our spiritual encounter in the Eglin Cathedral, the group made our way to Baxter's, a delicious pancake house! I'm sure everyone reading is quite proud of our healthy dietary choices, eating pancakes in Scotland with chocolate, ice cream, toffee, maple syrup, and raspberry sauce.

All of us then went to St. Andrew's Cathedral in Aberdeen, the location of where America's first bishop, Samuel Seabury, was consecrated in 1784. This Gothic sandstone marvel unveiled the significance of America's history when referring to our rich Episcopalian heritage. It was interesting to hear about the kinship between the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Church, USA.

Upon reviewing today's bonding experiences and the powerful sermon from Euchurist, I, and probably the rest of the group, realized how clues from God can be powerful to one's life. Another thing that was explained today is that all of us here on Earth are here to help create everlasting life on Earth as it is in heaven. Today's portrayals have brought us all together and taught us many things spiritually.

-Tyler and Noah

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